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Your reliable partner for chocolate, confectionary, bakery, packaging machinery and technologies with the best value-quality range during last 30 years.

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Chocolate & Confectionary​


Van Meer Group supplies complete processing lines, machinery and equipment for chocolate and confectionary production;

  • Chocolate pre-mixers, mills and storage tanks,

  • Automated one-shot & shell moulding technology with or without inclusions, with aeration, tablets, couvertures and combination of chocolate types,

  • Chocolate enrobing machines & cooling tunnels,

  • Pectin-based jelly production,

  • Marshmallow production,

  • Chocolate moulds and more

Bakery​ Lines


Bakery solutions and bakery equipment you can create in a highly uniform and precise manner;

  • All kinds of cream-filled flat wafers and hollow wafers,

  • Biscuits, cookies and crackers.

  • Varied equipment for puff pastry and cakes production,

  • Depositors & cappers for sandwich biscuits production.

Packaging Systems

We offer a wide range of packaging solutions;

  • Wrapping machines for chocolate and sweets

  • Horizontal flowpack machines for chocolates & wafers

  • Automatic feeding systems and solutions

  • Vertical FFS machines

  • Filling machines & labellers 

Spiral Freezing Systems​

High quality and low cost cooling, shocking or heating capabilities, are the most ideal solution for industrial food processing.

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